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Ani Menua

Facts of Life
Ani Menua

… because of bliss

< strong>High point
… Limit experiences

Low point
… Limit experiences

< /strong>… we are fleetingly familiar

Mental influence
… I am generally fascinated by artists who are furthest from imitation.

Unsolicited Advice
… See “Strange Wisdom”

Strange Wisdom
… Strange Wisdom often appears as unsolicited advice and remain strangers because of their unsolicited existence.

The bizarre thing about hope is that in life there is a compulsion to have hope and to have it again after losing it to find, otherwise one must die: hope is a spark of light with which we keep ourselves alive. We run into that light as soon as the present seems unbearable. With the possibility of spiritual flight into the future or into a parallel now, hope makes us forgiving towards the now, in which we can hope for the present in a more beautiful form, in the sense of a more tolerable now. Hope lives on the suggestion that this now will change right now – now or a second, minute, hour or an eternity later. Hope is bound to the now and the now is always now, even though it may pass – seconds, minutes, hours and eternity. One considers whether one wants to hope.

Fotos © Ani Menua

Philosopher & Author

Ani Menua (*1983) is a philosopher, writer and editor. She completed her master’s degree in philosophy, general and comparative literature and Slavic philology (Russian studies) at the Johannes Gutenberg University. In addition to her own theoretical and literary writings, she writes commissioned texts and develops content concepts for books and magazines that deal with topics from philosophy, art and literature. In the conception of texts and content, Ani Menua abducts topics from their triviality and creates new perspectives for them through language. For her, texts are forms created from the material word and the tool language. Places of her work are aesthetics, ethics and poetry. In her work, she therefore combines ideas from philosophy, literature and art with German, English, Russian and Armenian. Ani Menua writes and lives in Berlin.


Lost and Found - Past Images Retold

The book is a collection of old photographs taken in the last century. With new texts are, the lost believed images to new life.

Through the texts, the reader*innen dive into the normal everyday life and the world of the motives and people appearing in the photos. The book confronts the past with the present. Yesterday becomes now and now becomes yesterday. Poems alternate with prose pieces, dealing with themes such as love, friendship, hope and uncertainty, not least in relation to the fragile historical context that frames “Lost and Found.”

They lost, we found. This book is about bringing memories from history and time into the present. It is about love, loss, friendship, suffering, resistance and the shadows of daily life.

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