Artist Portrait: Bianca Kennedy

Facts of Life
Bianca Kennedy, blood group A Rh neg, Fisher Queen 1999

Because anything else would mean submitting to foreign dreams

When you realise that you don’t need more than a pencil and a cup of green tea

Low point
Finding out that office stuff eats up 50% of your time

YouTube search: jelly pig spank

Mental influence
Nathalie Djurbergs »Hungry Hungry Hippoes«, Miranda Julys Buch »It chooses you« und Filme, Mika Rottenbergs Video »bowls balls souls holes«, Nina Simones Musik, Patti Smiths »Just Kids«, Darren Aronofskys »Requiem for a dream«

Unsolicited advice
Throw expectations overboard – both your own and those of others.

Foreign wisdom
»The cat sat on a mat.« is not a story. »The cat sat on the dog’s mat.« is a story. — John le Carré
(Übersetzung: »Die Katze saß auf einer Matte.« ist keine Geschichte. »Die Katze saß auf der Matte des Hundes.« ist eine Geschichte.)

For flora and fauna already

Works & Exhibitions

Bianca Kennedy (b. 1989, Leipzig) lives and works in Berlin. Using animation, video, virtual reality, found footage and drawing, she creates parallel worlds by surrounding contradictory contexts.or combined in a new way. Kennedy’s focus on physicality, black humour and disturbing elements addresses human and animal longings.

Together with Swan Collective they formkennedy+swan (founded 2013). Her video and virtual reality works deal with the future of evolution and its effects on plants, animals and humans. kennedy+swan envision utopian worlds where humans no longer have supremacy.

Kennedy has exhibited internationally in museums and festivals. Recent exhibitions include.SCAD Museum of Art (2021), Krinzinger Schottenfeld Wien (2021), Kunsthalle Baden-Baden (2020), Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig (2020), CCBB Rio de Janeiro (2019) and the Sundance Film Festival (2020). She is a winner of the LOOP Discover Award 2018 and won the TOY Berlin Masters prize in 2019.

Bathtub Chronicles

Since 2016, Kennedy has been exploring the bathtub in various video works and drawings. For example, a silent film, a series of 200 drawings with digitally augmented content, a 3-channel video installation and a virtual reality experience have all been created, each dissecting the complex coding of bathing in a socio-cultural context.

The bilingual publication „Let me draw you a bath“ (German, English) now presents the artist’s work in art historical discourse for the first time. Kennedy’s monograph will be published on 28 August 2021.

Zum Buch

»Personal hygiene becomes a secondary matter here. It is the existential themes that are presented to us in the excerpts of We‘re all in this together are brought before our eyes: Birth, sexuality and death, in between scenes from life with all its facets”.

Excerpt from Philipp Bollmann’s text on the three-channel work “We’re all in this together”.


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