On potato roses and burning tree tops, Annemie Martin and Jana Kießer


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Bronze award winner (longlist) at the German Photo Book Award 21/22 in the category “Conceptual-Artistic Photo Book

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Language: German / Texts English via QR code in book
196 pages

A photographic dialogue during the pandemic with notes, thoughts, memories and dreams – March 2020 to May 2021.

The series “Of Potato Roses and Burning Treetops” by Annemie Martin and Jana Kießer reflects the changed everyday life during the pandemic in the form of a photographic dialogue with personal texts. Mostly 800 kilometers apart – Annemie spent much of the pandemic period on an island in Lake Constance, Jana in Berlin – the two photographers conducted the dialogue for more than a year.

How do they experience time in the country, as in the city?
The two photographers have found images for the permanent state of exception: In associative, poetic photographs, they show each other their surroundings; the radius of movement has become small and is closely monitored. Personal diary entries provide insight into inner monologues. Fleeting thoughts, memories and dreams offer the reader projection surfaces and repeatedly deal with the actual state of the pandemic – fears for the future, loneliness, strokes of fate – how does this time affect the private sphere?

The book also contains space for your own notes – we all experienced this drastic time and yet everyone had their own experiences.


press comments:

monopol headlines 12.05.2020:

“At Corona-Lockdown, two Berlin photographers have entered into a photographic conversation. The images tell of a wondrous time of retreat that is now already over again” and writes further:
“While relaxers are already announcing an end to pandemic-related restrictions, Berlin photographers Annemie Martin and Jana Kießer are capturing their personal impressions of the crisis period on camera. The result is a dialogical series of images that shows the personal and conveys the general. How is the health of the grandparents? Now who cuts whose hair? Is the garbage collection coming for pickup?
Intimate and banal issues of Corona’s everyday life are also experienced differently by the photographer friends because they have dealt with them unequally since the beginning of the pandemic. Currently, there are just over 800 kilometres between them. Jana stayed in Berlin and Annemie traveled with her boyfriend and child to her grandmother’s care on an island in Lake Constance.
Complementing their unagitated imagery, both photographers jot down thoughts, memories, or dreams and place them in context with individual photographs.”

Christoph Amend and Felicitas Breschendorf write in the ZEITmagazin Newsletter on 12.05.21:
“Jana Kießer stayed in Berlin, and because the two friends could no longer meet, they sent each other photographs and thoughts. From this arose a joint diary that the two keep to this day, and the most beautiful thing about it is the everyday. “I often think: I can do that tomorrow, too,” Jana once writes, and Annemie later adds: “At some point there comes a point when you should mow the lawn.”
Dimensions 210 × 140 mm
Photographs & Texts



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Annemie Martin, Jana Kießer, Katharina Küster


Sabrina Baumann, Michael Hengl

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