Soлomiya № 2

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№ 2

Planned release: End of February 2023


The first issue of soлomiya has reached many people in a very short time and is now sold out. This resonance has motivated us to continue, so we are already working at full speed on the next issue. The next issue spotlights young people coming from occupied territories in Ukraine. We explore the heroic in contemporary Ukrainian art and look at the (im)possibilities of bearing witness to the events of war. And of course we are showing outstanding portfolios of new works by artists from Ukraine.

Thesoлomiya Magazine was founded in April 2022 in response to Russia’s war against Ukraine. Artists from Kyiv and Berlin collaborate to make this magazine, which aims to promote the visibility of common democratic and European values shared by people from Ukraine and other European countries. Being a platform of self-expression for the young generation of creatives from Ukraine, soлomiya is both an itinerant group exhibition and an art object in itself.

Do you want to support us to realize this publication? From now on you cansoлomiya № 2 pre-order for 18€ and become a micro-sponsor. And for 118€ you can make a special contribution to the realization of this project and receive the new issue, a fine art print 18 x 24 cm by Vsevolod Kazarin and Sebastian Wells and if you wish a mention on our ‘Page of Honor’. (if ordered in advance until 10.02.2023)


Editors: Ivanna Kozachenko (Kyiv), Vsevolod Kazarin (Kyiv), Andrii Ushytskyi (Kyiv/Černivci) Sebastian Wells (Berlin), Kevin Varela (Berlin)
Contributors: tba
Art Direction: Kollektiv Scrollan (Berlin)



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