Lost & Found, IN LOVE FROM



Slipcase with ribbon roll, 21 letters, 21 photos and booklet
155 x 110 mm
ISBN 978-3-948174-21-7




Helena Melikov


Lilli Geßner, Helena Melikov


Anushka, Julia Meyer-Brehm, Swan Collective, Christian Dittloff, Rabea Edel, Carl Ensom, GPT-4, Sophia Hembeck, Ina Holev, Franziska König, Marie Krutmann, Charlotte Kunstmann, Lana Lux, Lisa Tracy Michalik, MINETTA, Marvin L.T. Müller, Noa Sophia Niss, Marit Persiel, Michael Schuster, Alexej Tikhonov, Erica Zingher


Helena Melikov


Lost & Found presents the extraordinary edition IN LOVE OF. 21 authors respond to old photographs with contemporary love letters. The book object is a captivating fusion of photography and literary creation that brings together the past, present and future.

The publication also opens a view into the future, because among the unique love letters there is one – written by an AI (GPT-4). This combination of human creativity and modern technology raises questions and opens up new perspectives on the role of artificial intelligence in the art of writing.

IN LOVE OF invites readers to explore the powerful connection between photography and the written word, and to reflect on the complexity of human relationships and emotions. The authors give the photographs a voice and give them a new meaning.

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