RYC, re:imagine your city

rethinking urban paradigms



208 pages, 17 x 24 cm
ISBN 978-3-948174-23-1




Anastasiia Zhuravel, Katya Romanova


Anais Alfieri, Nor Greenhalgh, Michael W Mehaffy, Cindy Menassa-Kuelby, Moritz Ruben Hahn, Sophie Dilg, Michael Brummer, Katya Romanova, Philippe Nathan, Guerilla Architects, Yanru Chen, Anastasiia Zhuravel, Confronting Monuments, Anton Kuzmin, Natasha Krymskaya, Liang Zhenru, Michał Romaniuk, Luigi Barraza Cardenas, Dasha Podoltseva, Fricka Lindemann, Luana Thor, Catherin Schöberl, Bui Luu Quynh Nguyen, Daniel Fennell, Fábio Peixoto, Sofiia Korotkevych, Alexandre Kurek, Leah Hamilton, NOWY ZŁOTY, Jian Luo, Open Channel Europe: Nora Spiekermann and Giacomo Marinsalta, Jeremy Knowles, Sara R. Ahmed, Andrea Conte, Maria Cecilia Daniele, Melina Daphne Papageorgiou, Eva Holts, Loukia Batsi, Placemaking Europe, LOCUMENT, Maja Esakova, Assemble Berlin.


Rowan Coupland, Anastasiia Zhuravel

Art Direction and Design

Helena Melikov


The publication re:imagine your city invites you to explore and rethink current paradigms that shape our urban environments. It offers insightful perspectives on commemoration and heritage, city planning and gentrification, migration and post-pandemic changes, solidarity and critical spatial practices. The publication is the result of a collective effort by an engaged transdisciplinary network of urban practitioners, educators, researchers, artists, designers and architects in the framework of the international design lab for urban practices and transformation re:imagine your city.

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